Flavours & Prices


Chocolate Sponge Cake – Popular with kids, I believe I’ve created the best chocolate sponge cake around! Moist and tasty, adults have commented it’s too good for a kid’s birthday cake and should come with an ’18’ certificate.

Dark, milk or white chocolate Mud Cake – Using top quality chocolate and traditional ingredients to make a cake to remember.

Flavour variations of the mud cake recipes include –
• Tia Maria
• Coffee
• Peppermint
• Coconut

Or any other flavour you can think of.

Chocolate Mud Cakes can also come with chopped up bits of your favourite chocolate bar through the cake. Yumm!!

Rainbow cake – with an inside as fun and exciting as the outside, rainbow cakes are a bright and surprising treat; surely a little girl’s best friend.

Red Velvet Cake – Scrumptious and delicate, the red velvet cake is one of our most popular recipes.

Traditional fruit cake – soaked in rum and cooked weeks in advance, which both gives the cake time to mature and allows the flavours to work right through the cake.

Vanilla Sponge Cake – for something a bit different to chocolate, vanilla is a popular alternative.

I am also able to cater for any special dietary requirements such as gluten-free or dairy-free cakes.


All of my cakes are made to order, I will need to determine the size, flavour and decorations you require before I can quote an exact price.

However as a guideline :

Single tier cakes start from $45 – this includes the cake, buttercream icing and simple decorations. Average price is between $60 – $90

Two tier cakes start from $95 – this includes the cake, fondant icing and simple decorations. Average price is $120 – $150

Cupcakes start from $30 – available in small, medium and large with a variety of icing and topper choices

Edible Images and Cake Toppers start from $15.

If you’d like to reduce costs for a larger group such as a wedding, a kitchen cake might help. This is a cake made of the same recipe, but with less decoration and which is cut up and distributed with the main cake when given out to guests.

For a more precise costing for your individually created masterpiece, then please feel free to call to discuss your idea, or send an email for a quote Contact Us


Local delivery is included with all cakes.

A small surcharge is applicable to locations within the Greater Brisbane area and for the Gold and Sunshine coasts.

Reasons Why Torte & Sweet Cakes is perfect for your next occasion

I’d be delighted if you chose Torte & Sweet for your next party or occasion. I am proud to say, to this day, I have never had a single complaint against any cake I have made (even from my first attempt!!)

The No.1 reason people buy my cakes is because they look so good that they become the talking point of the party! I’m very proud of the cakes I make and I never let one leave the kitchen unless I’m 100% happy with it. I love hearing customers say my cakes are too beautiful to carve up.

The second reason is because my cakes taste fantastic! And that’s no accident – to get the tastiest cakes you can’t use mixes (you would be surprised how many people use them). I only use the best ingredients: free range eggs, real butter and real chocolate.

The third reason is the wide range of designs. My customers get their own unique design, and never have I had to turn down a request from fear of trying something different. Regardless of how different your idea is, share it with me and I’ll happily give it a go!